Financial Management Services

Your record-keeping function exists to produce timely, well-organized and accurate input for your decision-making and planning. This result doesn’t just happen: the accounting and reporting process needs knowledgeable and skillful guidance in order to function effectively.

Orion Advisory Group LLC’s knowledge of finances and how professional firms work enables us to guide your accounting processes to achieve useful and accurate information.

Fixing your present position is the first step.  Then we can help by:

  • Guiding your annual budgeting cycle to establish challenging but realistic financial expectations in the detail required for effective management
  • Monitoring your firm’s financial results on a month-by-month basis in order to isolate and understand the inevitable deviations for your plan
  • Interpreting those deviations so as to inform your ongoing decision making process
  • Coordinating and assessing your financial accounting operations and controls, and advising you on related procedural and personnel considerations
  • Assuring that your system produces timely and relevant information to satisfy your reporting responsibility to taxing authorities, bankers and others
  • Determine the delivery cost of selected services
For the past 11 years, John has worked with the Bell management team to develop annual budgets, review monthly financial statements, determine the true cost of our services in alignment with fee income, and other special projects. I am proud to report that we have been working on our succession plan for over 11 years now, and that John Latta continues to be my trusted guide and counselor.” – Jim Bell, President/Founder Bell Investment Advisors

 Above all, Orion Advisory Group’s main objectives are to help clients improve profitability and firm value.

Call Orion Advisory Group at 817-771-5135.

John Latta and Orion Advisory Group LLC have helped the leaders and partners of dozens of mid-sized professional firms take home more of the fees they generate and build value in their firms for eventual ownership and management succession.


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