Management Advisory Services

Professional firms are different from other businesses, and the individuals who run them often have little training to do so. Having someone to talk to about your business can be invaluable – if that person is experienced in the business of the professions and is perceptive, objective and candid.

The services of Orion Advisory Group LLC are tailored to the unique need of our clients and the skills and experience of their leaders. First, we can help you set a course that’s right for your firm.  Then, our management advisory relationships typically involve:

  • Helping to establish key objectives and timelines for their accomplishments
  • Monitoring progress on an ongoing basis
  • Regular and frequent face-to-face discussion of current business issues
  • Analysis of financial performance and progress
  • Re-calibration of objectives as goals become accomplishments
John Latta has been an invaluable advisor to me for more than 7 years…When I founded my firm I really knew my business but I didn’t really know how to run it. With John’s help I have become a better manager and built a stronger infrastructure, with an eye toward the future…He is my most trusted resource for difficult strategic, operational or personnel questions, valued not just by me personally but by our entire staff.
-David La Piana, Managing Partner La Piana Consulting


Recent services for our clients
  • Counsel on the performance of specific employees
  • Research market compensation levels and design general employee compensation plans
  • Design incentive compensation plans
  • Design employee stock purchase plans
  • Design recruiting processes and candidate specifications
  • Recruit key employees
  • Negotiate buyout of a firm partner
  • Design partner buyout package
  • Be available as a backup CEO in an emergency
  • Facilitate strategic planning processes
  • Advise on internal reorganizations
  • Negotiate banking relationships
  • Assist in communicating with bankers
  • Advise on the profitability of selected clients or client classes
  • Act as a referral source when appropriate

But above all, our main objective is to help our  clients improve profitability and firm value.


John Latta and Orion Advisory Group LLC have helped the leaders and partners of dozens of mid-sized professional firms take home more of the fees they generate and build value in their firms for eventual ownership and management succession.
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