John Latta’s Career Management Book

Professional Success: How to Thrive in the
Professional World

Learn how to:

  • Take charge of your career and craft your own future – your way!
  • Be ranked as “performer” by your managers and partners
  • Manage your money so that you can really enjoy the rewards of professional life
  • Play by the rules – and profit from it
  • Get the most out of your salary (whatever it is)

    and more!  See table of contents.

“The Definitive Field Guide To Managing
Your Professional Career”

Here at last is the comprehensive guidebook for your career in your chosen profession. If you want to understand the forces that shape your professional growth and prosperity, discover what you can do to make them work for you, and learn how to build a successful and rewarding life along the way – Professional Success is for you.

What business professionals are saying

‘Professional Success’ offers many valuable insights into what to expect, how to act, and decisions to be made in the early years of a professional career. It is not only a valuable tool, but an enjoyable and fast read. It should be included in every young professional’s library.” – L. Paden Neeley, PhD, CPA, Vice President, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants


Latta’s wisdom will help propel any serious young professional to success, avoiding many of the bumps along the way. ‘Professional Success’ is a must-read. Firms will be fortunate to hire professionals who heed Latta’s advice.” – Larry A. Jobe, Chairman, Legal Network


This book demystifies the business of the professions. It gives readers solid, inside information to help them jumpstart their career and distinguish themselves early on. What I can’t understand is why it hasn’t been written before.” – Michael Wolff, former National Director of Tax Services, Grant Thornton, LLP
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