Orion Advisory Group – Helping mid-sized professional firms succeed

Regardless of your profession, you face some  unique challenges. Is this you?

business advisor Ft. Worth

  • You must practice your profession first, and run your business with whatever time is left;
  • Your clients would rather work with you than trusted colleagues, further squeezing your time;
  • You have a monthly “nut” that must be met, and fees don’t always come in when needed;
  • Your “production machinery” goes home every night – and occasionally doesn’t return.

These types of issues, specific to professional practice, can seriously inhibit strategic thinking and sound practice management.

But you don’t need to navigate uncharted waters alone.

John Latta and Orion Advisory Group LLC have helped the leaders and partners of dozens of mid-sized professional firms take home more of the fees they generate and build value in their firms for eventual ownership and management succession.
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